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Although U.S. Route 22 was established in 1926 as part of the new federal highway system, its history began far earlier, with some segments following Native American trails through the mountains of central Pennsylvania. Some of these pathways later became part of the Pennsylvania Canal system, as well as the historic Allegheny Portage Railroad. By 1916, the road had been improved and was known as the William Penn Highway, stretching from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and New York City.
New from Zepp Publications, this book explores the original road as well as its various realignments over the years. Aided by nearly 800 black and white images of photos, postcards, etc., the story of a fascinating American road is told. In addition to history, the remarkable scenery along the road is detailed, as the road moves more than 650 miles from Cincinnati near the banks of the Ohio River, through Ohio farmland and then the rolling hills of Appalachia before reaching Pittsburgh. It then continues into Harrisburg and eastern Pennsylvania before crossing into New Jersey, eventually reaching its endpoint in Newark.
Perfect bound (softbound) and 172 pages in length, the book includes more than 50 sidebars of sites, people, trivia, and events that are linked to the road, such as Harriet Beecher Stowe and Civil War generals Sheridan, Sherman, and Custer. It also describes The Lincoln Highway and National Road, both of which share lengthy sections of Route 22. This book makes an ideal travel companion, whether one is covering the road's entire length or is just out for an afternoon drive.



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