Brewing Beer In The Queen City, Vol 6  

Brewing Beer In The Queen City: A History of the Brewing Industry in Cincinnati, Ohio

Volume VI: Northern Cincinnati

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Part of the Brewing Beer In The Buckeye State series, Brewing Beer In The Queen City, Volume VI gives a pictorial history of the breweries that operated in Cincinnati's Northern section from 1844 to 1940. The most prominent of these, operated by the Bruckmann family for more than 90 years, operated in Cumminsville. Numerous other breweries operated in the area, with names such as Herancourt, Fairmount, Delatron, and Ohio Union. In addition, the city's modern craft-brewing industry is covered, from its modest beginnings in the 1980s to the more recent explosion of different brewers and different beer styles. The spiral-bound book contains more than 350 images of people, buildings, floor plans, labels, signs, and you-name-it (most in color) to help tell the story.


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This book is 72 pages, spiral bound, published 2015.

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