Brewing Beer In The Capital City: A History of the Brewing Industry in Columbus, Ohio

Volume I: The Hoster Story

Second Edition Now Available


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Part of the Brewing Beer In The Buckeye State series, Brewing Beer In The Capital City, Volume I gives a history of the Hoster, Born, Schlee, and Columbus Brewing Companies. These four breweries joined forces in 1904 to create one of the region's largest brewing corporations, the Hoster- Associated Breweries Company, designed to dominate the beer market in Central Ohio. Things didn't go quite the way they expected, however, due to a number of factors beyond their control, ending with the onset of statewide Prohibition in 1919, which ultimately spelled the end for the company. This second edition also covers the city's early brewers, mostly of the German Village District, in detail. 

This book is 60 pages in length and features nearly 300 images, most in color, of advertisements, people, floor plans, buildings, and other aspects of the company's history. Volume II is now available, covering the August Wagner Brewing Company; Volume III will follow that with the Franklin, Washington, Ohio, and Anheuser- Busch Brewing Companies, and the craft brewers.


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The book is 68 pages, spiral bound, published 2014.

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