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       When it comes to beer, the Yuengling name has been a part of life in eastern Pennsylvania for several generations. However, in recent years the name has been spreading all along the East Coast and into areas far removed from the company’s home in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Certainly the company’s growing popularity has a lot to do with the high quality of the beers it produces, but there is more to it. Having been in business for more than 180 years, operated by the same family that entire time, and having survived intense competition from the likes of huge, aggressive corporate brewers such as Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors also plays a role in Yuengling’s growing popularity. Even beyond that, the company has an almost mystical quality associated with it, one that has created fans throughout the country who are clamoring to have the beer sold in their states. 
       Although the company currently operates three separate breweries, its original plant on Mahantongo Street, known as America’s Oldest Brewery, is the one that is most associated with the company’s history-oriented image. The old brewery is indeed a special place, largely for the reasons stated by Mr. Yuengling in the foreword. One can immediately sense this when taking a tour of the plant, whether it’s seeing the stained glass ceiling above the brew kettle, going underground into the storage caves, having a beer in the rathskeller, or seeing the company’s museum in the gift shop. On top of all that, knowing that beer was being brewed at this same site in 1831 is something no other brewery in the United States can boast of.
       My own introduction to the Yuengling brewery came in June 1979, at the age of 16 and at the height of the disco era. My parents and I braved widespread gasoline shortages and a recent near-disaster at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant an hour away at Harrisburg to travel from northeast Ohio to Pottsville. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect upon arriving at the brewery unannounced in the middle of the afternoon, but based on experiences elsewhere, I figured the office might have some empty cans to sell for collectors. What came as a shock was the company’s owner and president, Richard Yuengling Sr., coming down to greet us, thanking us for visiting, and amazingly enough, taking us on an hour-long tour of the entire brewery. He couldn’t have been nicer to me and my parents. What I also realized years later was how proud he was of this brewery, a remarkable gift that had been handed down to him by generations of his family, and he wanted to share that gift with others. I found later that he did this for many visitors, and I’m sure that most of them were as surprised as we were. I became a life-long fan of Yuengling Beer that day, even if I was a few years away from being able to have one to drink. 
       The history of this fascinating company is told here through more than 220 images of people, buildings, equipment, advertising, labels, trucks, and more. It is aimed at history buffs, collectors of brewery artifacts (or “breweriana”), and anyone who enjoys drinking any of the fine Yuengling beers available. In fact, it’s a good book to read while sipping a cold Yuengling Lager, Porter, Black & Tan, or Lord Chesterfield Ale. Cheers!

The book is 128 pages, soft bound, published 2013.

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